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A Contemporary, Rational Examination of the Sciences of the Holy Qur’ān

An Admonition, Insight, and Reminder for the 99 Per Cent Turning in Repentance

by Allama Dr. Sani Salih Mustapha



The Qur’ān is that Single Heavenly Message that underwent so many passages through the evolution of mankind under the Guidance of Allāh, the Lord of the universe to appear as the chosen, simplified and perfected code of conduct in the hands of Muhammad Rasūlullāh. Examining its Sciences convinces one of its Miraculous Nature, its conformity and confirmation of the Torah.


Sani Salih Mustapha, a moderate Islāmic preacher, was born in Kano, Nigeria, in 1946. He received his initial Islāmic education under his grandfather, Ahmad, but never graduated. Sani Salih Mustapha is a retired physician.